The care we provide


Endeavour is a home to provide care for people under the remit or Care Quality Commission, for the following categories: -

Elderly people who are mobile and may require safe, comfortable and homely environment.

Elderly confused people with mental health problems who either may be mobile and may have mobility and sensory disabilities requiring attention and care to all aspects of their daily living skills.

Elderly physically disabled people who are wheelchair users and for those who may be confused and may have sensory disabilities.

Residents who have physical accident or become seriously ill may need more than personal care and at the Doctor’s discretion will be transferred to the appropriate Hospital.

The home will take people arranging and paying for their own care independently and people referred under social services departments’ care management arrangements and financed by a local authority at a price agreed by the home manager and proprietor.

Residents live in the home permanently but on occasions the home may offer short stay care aimed at rehabilitation and respite care for those individuals who may require it.



To provide sympathetic and personal care to residents in a variety of categories according to their needs and especially to those who require increased care and attention through individual care plans.

To provide within personal care such help as the resident finds necessary with washing, bathing, dressing, feeding and hygiene needs whilst at all times maintaining the independence and dignity of the resident.

To arrange the administration of medication as appropriate to each resident.

To meet the various needs of the resident as far as possible as per contract issued by the home.

To provide a secure, homely caring and friendly home in which the resident can:-

Live as they wish, as in their own home as far as possible, without causing hardship or difficulty for other residents.
Have visitors whenever they wish.
Feel encouraged pursuing their religious benefits whether by church attendance or visits from the clergy.
Have visits from their own Doctor backed by sympathetic and supportive care.
Be assured of any necessary care and attention day or night to meet their individual needs.

To respect the needs and wishes of all residents whenever possible and for residents to retain their citizens right.

To respect their personal privacy for themselves and their belongings.

To accept and respect the residents cultural, religious and emotional needs.



Endeavour Residential Home will provide a comfortable, relaxed and happy environment where managers and staff will provide encouragement and support in the development of daily living activities for the wellbeing of all residents. To ensure that the home is run in the best interest of service users, management will monitor, review and evaluate the quality of accommodation and services provided by seeking the views of residents, families and friends and making the results available of user satisfaction to resident’s visitors and CQC. We do this by our regular reviews with individual residents and on more general matters through separate meetings with residents and relatives.



Endeavour's ethos of care strives to achieve excellence in providing innovation and as such has researched the benefits of interaction of animals in dementia care 'they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.'

The kind of obstacles faced by those with dementia include apathy, irritability, restlessness, depression, difficulty engaging in social activities, and risk of loneliness and isolation. Due to the anxiety that social situations can cause in dementia patients, they often avoid social situations altogether, including interacting with family and loved ones.

People dealing with dementia can lose motivation to maintain physical activity and sometimes neglect necessary daily activities such as eating or basic personal hygiene.
Animals, by their very “nature” are non-judgmental, making them the perfect therapists and companions for individuals with dementia. They can provide a tremendous source of social support and unconditional love.

Research shows that people with dementia recognise a pet in the environment as friendly and non-threatening. When they have a pet with them, studies show they display more interactive behaviors, although these behaviors are often directed toward the pet rather than their human companions.
Dogs have proven to reduce agitation and increase pleasure just by their presence. They also have the ability to increase the amount of physical activity a patient participates in. Depending on the mobility of the patient, they may be able to engage in playful activities with the dog, take it on a short walk, or simply take the time and effort to groom the animal.

It has even been shown that dementia patients eat more following the visit of a therapy animal. Spending time with an animal has even been correlated to lower blood pressure. Many individuals with Alzheimer’s, who respond to little or nothing else in their environment, will respond to the non-threatening presence of a gentle therapy animal. An animal also provides a natural and easy conversation topic for dementia patients, who often feel a great deal of strain from being put into social situations.

Endeavour has therefore invested in providing their residents with this innovative care.



Prospective residents are encouraged to spend four weeks trial period with us to find for themselves if they would like to stay on permanently.



Management issues a written contract in duplicate on admission with the terms and conditions of residency. A copy of our contract for admission to the home and statement of terms and conditions for Social services funded clients is attached.



Fees are determined on “needs” basis for the prospective resident. Fees can be made payable either by cheque, cash or direct debit. Management request that fees are paid weekly or monthly in advance as per contract issued by the manager / Proprietor. Receipts will be issued on request. Details regarding fees are available on request. The level of fees can and may be revised with any increase in the level of care provided and any government legislation having an impact on the financial viability of the home.



These are always welcome and encouraged. If necessary, they will be read to the resident who, if able to do so, will be encouraged to reply with staff assistance. Staffs are trained to observe the rules of confidentiality and privacy.



Self-medication is encouraged. Where this is not possible, medication is administered and dispensed by qualified and trained staff.



Meals are normally served at the following times, however individual wishes can be respected.

Breakfast                      7am to 9am
Morning coffee / tea      10 am
Dinner / Lunch              12 midday
High tea                        4.30 pm
Supper                          7.30 pm

We encourage residents to have their meals in the dining rooms. However, required meals can be served in their own rooms following a risk assessment.

For safety reasons we do not normally have tea and coffee making facilities in each bedroom. Drinks, both hot and cold are available throughout the day and evening when required with staff assistance. Residents are consulted with regards to the content of menus. For information, samples of our menu sheets are attached.



Residents are discouraged from carrying large amounts of cash on them or kept in their rooms. The manager will hold cash on behalf of the resident. If the manager holds cash, this is recorded in resident’s pocket money sheets and proper records kept as how the cash was spent. If cash is given to the resident a signature is obtained from the resident. The cash sheets will be made available, for inspection at any time by the resident’s advocates.



Staffs are not allowed to hold money, or cash cheques from residents. Staff are not allowed to accept gifts of cash or valuables unless the manager /proprietor are informed and the gift has been recorded.



All residents will be encouraged and supported to follow their particular religion. Where possible, management in discussion with client’s representative will make arrangements for representatives from several denominations to visit the home to meet individual needs.



The latest half and yearly inspection reports made by Care Quality Commission inspection officer will be included within this statement.



Staff are trained to show respect for each individual resident and residents can choose how they wish to be addressed and how they wish to address staff.



Endeavour Residential Home is a home to the residents and therefore management will agree to all reasonable requests from them and look forward to contributions from them.

Each bedroom is provided with all the usual amenities and potential residents are encouraged to bring with them any furniture that can be safely accommodated within the room.

All electrical items brought to the home must meet the requirements of the Health and Safety standards.

 A conveniently located payphone is provided at the entrance lounge for residents use and can be taken to the dining room for private conversations.



Meeting prospective residents’ needs.

Management believes that it is essential that the prospective resident is confident that their individual needs can be adequately met by the home if the resident moves in and equally for the home to be confident that the assessed needs can be met with appropriate resources available within the home.



Following an enquiry from a prospective resident, relative or social worker we suggest a preliminary informal visit to Endeavour Residential home. This visit should if possible include the prospective resident themselves accompanied by any interested party i.e. Relative, friend, care manager or social worker.

During this visit the prospective resident and accompanying parties will be shown around the home including their potential room if vacant. They will be introduced to other residents and invited to take refreshments in order to take in the atmosphere and get the feel of the home.

All parties are encouraged to ask questions regarding all aspects of life at Endeavour at any stage of the visit. The manager will be pleased to assist with any information that may help with any apprehension about moving to Endeavour.

As part of the process of admission the manager will also undertake initial assessment of the resident in their respective place of environment for their suitability to the home.

The prospective resident is also encouraged by management to visit the home and spend one or half a day at the home to assess the suitability of the resident for the home.

It is always suggested and encouraged that if the prospective resident is unable to come to the home for a visit or spend some time at the home then their representative visits and discusses their suitability at Endeavour on behalf of the resident.

If the resident is found to be suitable, manager will liaise with the care manager, CPN, Social Worker and next of kin to arrange admission of the resident to the home.



The manager or person in charge to obtain all the necessary information from relevant individuals contained in the assessment forms and to assess their suitability



The manager will prepare your written plan of care by consulting and discussing with you and your representative, social worker and community psychiatric nurse as to how your needs in respect of health and welfare are to be met by staff at the Endeavour.

Following your assessment of needs, the manager will make your written care plans available to you and to your representative for agreement on the care needs to be provided to you.

 After the trial period a review will be held with you, your representative, social worker and CPN to find out how well your needs are being met and how well you are settling within the home.

The care plans will be kept under review on monthly basis and where appropriate after consultation with you and your representative, social worker and CPN to revise your care plan and to notify you of any significant  changes.

All care plans will be reviewed on annual basis with you and your representative, social worker and or CPN for agreement on the care required by you.

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